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The lecturer who insists on sex for a young girl to pass is complaining about the rot in Ghana.

The rich man who pays his driver 300 cedis a month, while his own son schools in the US is complaining about the hopelessness in Ghana.

The trader who removes two bowls of rice from the bag, re-bags and sells as a ‘full’ bag is complaining about the wickedness in Ghana.

The provisions store owner who is altering the expiry dates on his products and selling same to unsuspecting customers is complaining.

The civil servant who comes to work late without even being productive or adding values but rather shows up end of month to receive salary is complaining about politicians who do nothing.

The student who spends the weekend partying only to start posting Instagram pictures on Monday is complaining that Ghana is stealing his/her dreams.

The driver who can’t join a simple queue but keeps darting in and out of traffic to shunt is complaining about disorderliness in Ghana.

The security forces and those who have been charged to enforce the laws, see it as an opportunity to collect bribes to enrich themselves.

Doctors/Nurses in public and teaching hospitals on government payroll who abandon patients on the floor but are thriving in their private hospitals are complaining that Ghana is hopeless and needs to be fixed.

An old man who has married 4 wives with 18 children without trade or education is complaining that life is hard these days.

The pastor who has never attended a single accredited institution but calls himself Dr Man of God is screaming that Ghana must be fixed.

Until we realize that the value of Ghana today is the average of our own individual values, we will keep fooling ourselves forever.

As Prof. PLO Lumumba said, “if you vote for the hyenas to take care of your goats, don’t complain when the goats are being eaten.”

We are all architect of our economic developmental woes.

The destruction of our water bodies is something that will affect generations to come and must be resisted by all.

Our attitudes!

We all need attitudinal change!

Which will evidently reflect in our entire system.

God bless Ghana, the only Nation we can call our own!🇧🇴


Source: Solomon Mensah


Spread the love
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