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Spotify Pie Chart: How To See Your Top Genres, Artists

Spotify Pie Chart, How To See Your Top Genres, Artists
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Every year around December 1, Spotify members are keen to show off their favorite artist and songs that they like through Spotify Wrapped. However, the new feature, created by a student at a college allows users to view the pie chart of their latest music choices.

Spotify Pie Chart was designed by UCLA student Darren Huang and not Spotify. The app allows users to basically see how their Spotify Wrapped at any time. Since the site’s creation just this week, many people on social networks have posted their findings through Instagram as well as Twitter.

Receiptify, another feature, lets Spotify as well as Apple Music users to see their top songs of the last month, past six months, or the entire time. The results are displayed as receipts, just like the receipts from a grocery supermarket.

Recently, Spotify created a new feature that adds lyrics to every song. Users can view the lyrics by tapping up from the song that is currently playing, and some songs featuring real-time lyrics available for the users to follow.

How can you view the Spotify Pie Chart

You can view your Spotify Pie Chat on the thrid party app by clicking on the website, on your smartphone or your desktop.

On the website, you’ll be required to log into your Spotify account and permit the app access to your history of listening. Once you have been granted access, your Spotify Pie Chart will be generated, which you are able to take a screenshot of to show to your friends or share through social media networks.

It is organised into genre of music, with the genres being listed according to their respective colors. When you click on the genre you want to see it will show you what artists fall under that genre.

Social users on social media have shared some of their most loved and confusing genres of music that include “post-teen pop,” “Ohio hip-hop” and “New England emo.”

Below the chart will be the list of your top most artists, with bolder and bigger font and the next names of artists in smaller font. If you’re among the millions of people who watched the fourth season of “Stranger Things,” don’t be surprised when you spot Kate Bush there, thanks to the revival of 1985’s smash “Running Up That Hill (Deal With God).”

Source: Spotify Pie Chart: How to see the new feature allowing users to see their top genres, artists

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