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Top 10 Questions You Should Never Ask A Lady

Questions You Should Never Ask A Lady
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As a man who is looking forward to winning the heart of a lady, you should be aware of some top questions you should never ask a lady. When you do, they may hate you for the rest of their lives. Even if they love you or have you in their heart as their crush, these questiones may bring an end to they entire thing.

Women are humans as men do. However, there are certain things you need to be aware of when dealing with them. In fact, you should be aware that, their emotions are quite different from that of men. Things that sound harmless and straightforward to men could be life-changing and groundbreaking for women.

It’s safer to be secure instead of regretting it in the future, isn’t it? This is why we have compiled the list of questions that you shouldn’t ask any woman, no matter how eager you may be to get the answer.

One big advice majority of matured men would give you when going into that directionis is to say nothing at all. This is most effective when you ask women specific questions.

Top 10 Questions You Should Never Ask A Lady

Below are the top 10questiones you should never ask a lady.

1. I Know You May Be Having A Boyfriend, But Can We Be Friend?

It isn’t a matured question to ask. If you want to be friends, what does the dating thing have to do with you. Well, if all you want is to be friend and have fun, then there’s no problem with this question. It can sometimes make you appear less attractive but if all you’re after is to be friends, then it may not be a big problem to you. However, if you are looking beyond friendship, it’s advisable not to ask this kind of question at all.

2. What’s Your Age?

It’s actually a good idea you can ask someone who appears like she’s between the ages of 18 and 27 as long as she’s younger than you. If you ask a 30-40 age group it could make them feel self-conscious. It might be best not to ask this question at all until you know each other better. Keep in mind that, there is no way someone will hide their age forever. You just have to be patient and it will be revealed as time goes on.

If you’re close enough to someone to celebrate their birthday with them, more than likely you’ll know they’re age. If you aren’t that close or have a clear purpose for asking other than sheer curiosity, it’s inappropriate.

3. Do You Have a Job?

This is one of the top questions you should never ask a lady if you are looking forward to winning their heart. If a woman does not have a degree of engineering or isn’t a doctor, it doesn’t mean they do not have a job. Don’t undermine women. Once you ask this kink of question, they begin to think you are rather interested in their money but not love. They may even hate you forever.

4. Don’t You Know How To Cook?

Simply because women have X chromosomes does not mean they’re required to spend all of their time in the kitchen making food. If a woman isn’t interested in cooking there’s no reason to worry them about it. If you think she may not know how to cook, find your way.

5. Can I Kiss You?

If you want to kiss, go ahead and do but don’t be asking unneccessary questions. In fact, the answer you will get is a big NO!. Before you think of giving a kiss, make sure your friendship have matured to that level. Either than that, you will be in a big trouble. It’s not always an ideal idea to ask her prior to going for the kiss.

6. Are you a virgin?

Gentlemen, if you truly do not want to be beating up, stay away from this question. Does it matter you if they have had sex previously or not. This shouldn’t really make any impact on your life or anyone else’s. Even ig you get into a serious relation, it’s still not an ideal question.

7. Will You Come and Visit Me?

What is the reason you would ask an attractive woman to come and visit you. It’s a bad signal. She’ll begin to think that you’ve got a plan to do something to her. With rape on the rise, no lady would love to hear this if you are now starting the frienship. It’s good to wait for the appropriate time. 

8. Why Does Your Stomach Still Looks As If You Are Pregnant After 5 Months of Delivery?

Oooh my guy. Why should you ask such a question? It sounds so immature. Is your question going to bring a solution to that, if not then kindly stay away.

9. How Many Men Have You Slept With?

This question sounds silly to ladies. Men should not ask a woman about men she’s had been sleeping with, since this indicates that he’s struggling with anxiety. The fact that you may be ready to answer such a question doesn’t mean they will.

10. How Many Times Have You Had Sex?

So here’s the thing, when you start dating someone, you want to know literally everything about them, even their sexual history. Some ladies may feel okay to share but just few. Some hate it to be aked. If you truely love someone, it’s the best to stay away from such questions.


When it comes to women, don’t think that everything that is okay with you is normal to them. You must also know how to deal with them so you win their hearts forever. And one of the best ways to do that is to avoid asking unneccessary question. Some questions end end making them to feel so bad. Though, there are few ladies that may not have issues with the above questions, majority of them do hate it. That’s why I decided to walk you through some of the top 10 questions you should never ask a lady. Has it been helpful to you? Do you have any past experience? Or even have more to share? Let me hear from you in the comment section below.

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