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Man Killed By A Mentally Challenged Woman At Kwame Nkrumah Circle

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Unknown young man was killed by being stoned by a woman who has mental impairments.

According to reports, the event took place on Monday in the late afternoon at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle.

The unidentified man was shown lying in a pool of blood with a big stone next to his right hand in a video going around on social media.

An eyewitness provided a comprehensive account of the events leading up to the man’s death.

He said that the deceased was struck by the woman while he was riding as her passenger in a moving “Okada” on one of the interchange levels.

According to the witnesses, the woman jumped on the victim after he fell off the motorcycle and attacked him with the big stone.

The man passed away before onlookers arrived at the scene”, the eyewitness added.

The woman was later taken into custody by police after a mob threatened to lynch her.

She was led by three officers and a man dressed in civilian attire while being arrested and taken in a police pickup truck bucket.

A automobile with the license plate GS3499-17 was also in an accident at the same stretch of road in the meantime, but the driver walked away unscathed.

For medical attention, the driver was taken to a hospital.

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