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Anthony Kessy(Wassa East Field Marshall) is defined as the most competent, reliable, result-oriented, dynamic and dependable Secretary of the New Patriotic Party(NPP) in the Wassa East Constituency(Western Region) who is always looking for a blunt edge technically to achieve a desirable result.


He is a good team player who always strikes hard to lead his team to victory. He is one of the kinds who has been affectionately called by his team players and supporters the FIELD MARSHALL because in his absence his team’s victory remains to shake.

He is best when it comes to polling station arrangements and dynamics. He is super when it comes to grassroots work.


He is excellent when it comes to fieldwork because he has worked for several years from his youthful age as a politician at the NPP Wassa East Constituency.

He is extraordinary when it comes to youth linkage and mobilization because he was once a constituency youth organizer.

When it comes to organizing, he’s well known by the polling station executives in the constituency.


From his days as a Constituency youth organizer to date, Anthony Kessey has helped several youths in the constituency. His lobbying skills have been able to acquire jobs, scholarships and financial support for constituents across the length and breadth of the Wassa East Constituency/District.

However, it is important to mention that contrary to the slanderous comments by his detractors, Anthony Kessey is a down-to-earth, accessible, caring and selfless young politician who has empowered a lot of party members over the years in diverse ways in the constituency.

You can hate him for nothing, but when it comes to grassroots works in the Wassa East Constituency, Anthony Kessey is the best.


Bright Kojo Agyapong (KABA)

Concerned Wassa East Polling Station Executive 

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